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Re: SegFault running "ls -l" after Microsoft Patch Day

On Dec 14 14:04, Dr Rainer Woitok wrote:
> Greetings,
> last Wednesday was Windows Patch Day,  causing me to install the follow-
> ing eighteen patches  (the comments  ("# ...")  reflect what I think the
> corresponding knowledge base articles were about):
> [...]
> After that and after the necessary  reboot I observed problems regarding
> the treatment of  Windows Protected Sytem Files  on NTFS formatted disks
> and USB sticks.  These problems  were definitely not  present before the
> Windows update.  For example:
> $ find /C -maxdepth 2 -type d  >/dev/null
> find: './Config.Msi': Permission denied
> find: './MSOCache': Permission denied
> find: './PerfLogs': Permission denied
> find: './System Volume Information': Permission denied
> $

This is normal if you don't run your shell elevated.  Try again in an
elevated shell.

> In the  following example I'm not  quite sure about  "$Recycle.Bin/" and
> some of the other  Protected System Directories,  but "System Volume In-
> formation/" definitely never showed up before:

It did.  "$Recycle.Bin" is the name of the Recycler since Vista and
"System Volume Information" exists since Vista as well.

> $ ls -lF /C
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> $

I can't reproduce this one.  The strace indicates that this may or may
not occur while reading an ACL but again, it works fine for me.  On top
of that, the crash apparently occurs inside a Windows DLL.  It does not
occur in Cygwin itself.  Given ASLR, the addresses of Windows DLLs are
not the same on different computers so I can't even say in which DLL
the crash occurs.

> Having attached files "ls-l.trace", "ls.exe.stackdump",  and the mandat-
> ory "cygcheck.out" below, I now hope someone can provide a patch to work
> around these most recent Windows changes.

Thanks, you did you job thoroughly :)

I just don't see what to fix here.  You may want to remove Config.msi,
it's debris from an installation only anyway.  You can also try the
latest Cygwin test release to see if it gets over this without the crash
in that Windows DLL.


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