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Mintty 2.2.2: possible hang when breaking (CTRL+C) out of pinging unresponsive host

I have recently installed the latest 32-bit version of Cygwin on my Windows
10 Professional operating system.

When I ping a host, and the ping doesn't reply for a few minutes, I find the
ping hangs when I try to break out of it using CTRL+C.
IT is at this point I have to close the Mintty window completely and re-open
as it is unresponsive.
Any pings to a host that does reply doesn't result in a 'hung ping', as
described here.

My only fix up to this point is to downgrade to a previous installation of
Cygwin that I've had for approx. 5 years now.  That copy has Mintty ver
0.9.9 installed. 

I did attempt to go through the various forums and sites to try to find
other previous reports of this, and while I did find some previous reports
of this happening, I have been unable to find a solution that fixed the
problem I am having.

I try my hardest to not bother you good people. but I am at my wits end at
what to try here.  Any and all suggestions that works towards a solution is
very welcome.


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