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Re: initial cygwin installation

On Oct 28, 2015, at 8:49 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> I only wanted to *reinstall*
>> everything I had installed previously
> Solution is to run `cygcheck --check-setup` and manually select any packages
> reported incomplete for reinstall.

This solution and Achim Gratzâ assume your Cygwin installation still runs.

If your AV has so totally roached things that you canât even get a bash prompt up, or run your text editor, or run sed, you still have one way to avoid reinstalling everything without guessing: 

Open c:\cygwin64\bin in Windows Explorer, and use the file listing you find there to choose packages to reinstall.  Many of these will belong to some umbrella package, like coreutils or cygutils, so use the Cygwin Package search engine to work out what to reinstall if youâre not sure:

Searching for something like âlsâ will return too many results.  Making it âls.exeâ helps, but will still include false positives.  But, searching for â/ls.exeâ tells you what you want to know: itâs in coreutils.
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