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Re: Bug in collation functions?

On Oct 28 21:58, Eric Blake wrote:
> On 10/28/2015 04:14 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
> > It's my understanding that collation is supposed to take whitespace and
> > punctuation into account in the POSIX locale but not in other locales.
> Not quite right. It is up to the locale definition whether whitespace
> affects collation.  But you are correct that in the POSIX locale,
> whitespace must not be ignored in collation.
> > This doesn't seem to be the case on Cygwin.  Here's a test case using
> > wcscoll, but the same problem occurs with strcoll.
> That's because the locale definitions are different in cygwin than they
> are in glibc.  But it is not a bug in Cygwin; POSIX allows for different
> systems to have different locale definitions while still using the same
> locale name like en_US.UTF-8.

Btw, strcoll and wcscoll in Cygwin are implemented using the Windows
function CompareStringW with the LCID set to the locale matching the
POSIX locale setting.  I'm rather glad I didn't have to implement this
by myself... :}


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