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Re: Pop up GUI remotely via SSH

On 10/26/2015 12:07 PM, trimat wrote:
Hi all,
I would like to pup up on Windows 7 the GUI of a program started remotely
from SSH. I can't obtain this with *cygstart* even though I see the process
running in Windows Task Manager. Trying to add /--interactive/ flag to
Cygwin service /sshd/, the service doesn't start.

I am aware of the Windows restriction /Session 0 Isolation/ (introduced in
Windows Vista) but I read a few posts in which it seems possible. I have
tried lots of solutions but till now I am able to accomplish that not using
Cygwin but with *PsExec* (utility of /Windows Sysinternals/).

Any clue how to do it with Cygwin?

There have been a few spurious reports over the years of people getting
this to work post-XP with Cygwin's OpenSSH but never anything reliable and
reproducible.  So if there's a magic bullet, no one has been able to
classify it even if they can find it.  Or at least no one has reported it
here.  And while I would agree that PsExec seems to be able to make some
magic happen where ssh can't, it's also pretty clear that PsExec's magic is
compromising your system security, which is the exact opposite of OpenSSH's
intent.  Maybe it would be possible to take the best of both worlds but one
would at least need the code to PsExec to evaluate first before making a
definitive statement on whether this would even be possible.  Since the
source code to PsExec isn't available from the Sysinternals site, this avenue appears to be blocked.

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