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Re: mkshortcut (cygutils-1.4.14) free error

Ken Brown writes:
> Anthony Heading wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I see the cygutils package has been orphaned, perhaps explaining the
> > lack of response to the below.
> > A related question then is that the vanilla mkshortcut built from the
> > latest source package does not
> > seem to perfectly match the behaviour of the binary.    Is there any way
> > to review or reproduce how
> > the binary package was built,
> To see how it was built, download the source using setup-*.exe and look 
> at the file /usr/src/cygutils.cygport.  To reproduce the build, install 
> the cygport package and run 'cygport cygutils.cygport all'.  To fix the 
> problem, volunteer to be the cygutils maintainer.

There are configure errors from this process, at least on my machine.  I'll
take on maintenance of this package.  Give me a short while to get my sea
legs.  Thanks Ken for the pointers and Corinna for the nudge.


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