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Re: initial cygwin installation

Greetings, t s!

> I am making a fresh install of Cygwin on a Windows 7 machine.

> The installation is to a 256 GB memory stick.

I understand, you're wishing to use it as portable install?

> Should I format the memory stick as NTFS?

It may be necessary, depends on the packages you want to use.
I.e. some security-sensitive packages, like SSH, may demand stricter file
permissions, than FAT can support.

> What allocation unit size should I specify when formatting?

Standard 4k or 8k if you don't expect to create tons of small files should

> I have got as far as the following screenshot;


> Should I leave the settings as they are on that screen, specifically leave
> everything as 'default' ?

Assuming portable installation, you're likely to use 32-bit Cygwin.
In that case, it is recommended to stick to the absolute minimum of necessary
packages to reduce the possibility of address space collisions on library

> There's no point installing everything, and the following page;


> says;

> Q: How do I install everything?
> A: You do not want to do this!

Yup. That is, as I said, especially true for a 32-bit install.
It is like installing everything available in average Linux distro. Probably
worse, as Setup don't have conflict resolution on similar packages, and you
may end up with, for instance, postfix/sendmail/god-know-what competing for

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, October 26, 2015 14:49:30

Sorry for my terrible english...

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