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On Oct 23 11:06, Achim Gratz wrote:
> I don't have much time to test it right now (and won't have any time at all
> next week), but so far things look good.  The problem with the 0.2 test
> version with UID/GID mapping and not recognizing the primary domain in some
> cases is gone (might have been a fluke anyway).  Correlating the output from
> getfacl and icacls still requires some mental gymnastics, but I didn't find
> any obvious errors in the mode bits and ACL so far, which means that things
> like rsync (and some file tests) will now return the correct results for the
> cases I've looked at.

You won't believe how grateful I am having you testing this.  Thank you!

Would you mind to read the comment at the start of  I'd be
very interested in learning if the description is meaningful enough to
other developers.  I also fear we need to have an improved documentation
explaining how this works and what NOT to do, e.g., reorder ACLs :|


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