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chere 1.4 bug(?) - "Bash Prompt Here" not shown under Libraries folders

Under certain circumstances, when I right-click in the empty space in
Windows Explorer, in any folder or subfolder beneath any "Libraries"
folder (e.g. my "Documents"), the "Bash Prompt Here" option is not
shown in the context menu.

Option is *not shown* under these circumstances:

1. Browse to the folder/subfolder via the Libraries tree on the left
pane in Windows Explorer. (Including after drilling down via the right
side by double clicking.)

2. After #1, even if I copy the path from the explorer bar, and paste
it back in to the same, and press Enter.

However, the option *is* shown under the following circumstances:

3. Folders/subfolders not under Libraries.

4. Browse to the folder from the absolute path. (i.e. Via drive
letter, folder, subfolder...not via Libraries.)

5. Right-click on the folders/subfolders themselves (not on empty
space inside them), even if browing to them via Libraries.

6. Browse to folder under Libraries in Explorer via the Libraries
listed on the left. Copy the path from the location bar, paste it into
a *new explorer window*. Right click in the empty space within the

`which chere` tells me it's version 1.4. I'm running Cygwin x64 on
Win7 x64 w/ SP1. Redacted cygcheck.out attached.


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