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xfig-3.2.5c-2.x86_64 segfaults on save-as and export in current cygwin64 on Windows 10


in current 64 bit cygwin (2.2.1(0.289/5/3) 2015-08-20) I get segfaults
when ever I do save as or export in xfig; this makes it unusable. It
happens when I click the "save as" or "export" button.

please see various attached (cygcheck.out, Xwin.log) or below (gdb stack trace)

FWIW, a) 32 bit doesn't do this & b) this machine has 3200x1800
display (X is okay)

Thanks, please advise with any thoughts, request additional info or
things for me to try.

Best regards,

Stephen@sjnyoga /usr/src/xfig-3.2.5c-2.src/xfig-3.2.5c-2.x86_64/build
$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-6.1 sjnyoga 2.2.1(0.289/5/3) 2015-08-20 11:42 x86_64 Cygwin

Stephen@sjnyoga /usr/src/xfig-3.2.5c-2.src/xfig-3.2.5c-2.x86_64/build
$ ls -lrta | tail
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen   47844 Oct 18 09:03 Makefile
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen   18991 Oct 18 09:03 f_readpng.o
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen   21319 Oct 18 09:03 f_readjpg.o
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen   10575 Oct 18 09:03 f_wrpng.o
-rwx---r-x  1 Stephen Stephen 4851300 Oct 18 09:03 xfig.exe
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen     375 Oct 18 09:04 f1.fig.bak
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen     464 Oct 18 09:05 f1.fig
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen     646 Oct 18 09:07 SAVE.fig
drwx---r-x+ 1 Stephen Stephen       0 Oct 18 09:11 .
-rw----r--  1 Stephen Stephen  471143 Oct 18 09:13 cygcheck.out

Type "apropos word" to search for commands related to "word"...
Reading symbols from ./xfig.exe...done.
(gdb) set args f1.fig
(gdb) run
Starting program:
/usr/src/xfig-3.2.5c-2.src/xfig-3.2.5c-2.x86_64/build/xfig.exe f1.fig
[New Thread 29824.0x791c]
warning: FTH: (29824): *** Fault tolerant heap shim applied to current
process. This is usually due to previous crashes. ***
[New Thread 29824.0x7954]
[New Thread 29824.0x7b68]
[New Thread 29824.0x7be8]
[New Thread 29824.0x7b48]
[New Thread 29824.0x79cc]
[New Thread 29824.0x7be4]
Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00000003f069d927 in cygXt-6!XtPopdown () from /usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll
(gdb) where
#0  0x00000003f069d927 in cygXt-6!XtPopdown () from /usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll
#1  0x00000001004884f4 in popup_file_panel (mode=0) at w_file.c:624
#2  0x00000003f0681c00 in cygXt-6!XtCallCallbacks () from /usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll
#3  0x00000003f06b4cf0 in cygXt-6!_XtPrintEventSeq () from /usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll
#4  0x00000003f06b5103 in cygXt-6!_XtPrintEventSeq () from /usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll
#5  0x00000003f06b5e98 in cygXt-6!_XtTranslateEvent () from /usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll
#6  0x00000003f068f99e in cygXt-6!XtDispatchEventToWidget () from
#7  0x00000003f068fee4 in cygXt-6!XtDispatchEventToWidget () from
#8  0x00000003f06900b9 in cygXt-6!XtDispatchEvent () from /usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll
#9  0x00000001004c3c88 in main (argc=2, argv=<optimized out>) at main.c:1566

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