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Re: Error Installing Cygwin (setup-x86_64.exe & setup-x86) - No setup.ini.sig found.

Ken Brown writes:
>> I maintain my own small repository at a remote site and mirror it on my local
>> machine.  It contains, for each architecture, setup.ini, setup.xz, and
>> setup.xz.sig.  Installation from the remote site works fine.  If I try to
>> install from my local mirror, setup complains that it can't find setup.ini.sig.
>>   I can install from the local mirror only if I add setup.ini.sig.

I install also from a local mirror, not signed ini files (yet) and I
haven't had any problems.  I happen to have installed a new machine just
this week so I know this also works OK.  If there is a setup.xz,
setup.ini shouldn't even be looked at and consequently no setup.ini.xz
file should be required.

> And even then, setup doesn't seem to work right on the local mirror.
> The only choices it gives me on the local packages are "Keep" and
> "Uninstall".

That would indicate it hasn't actually found any packages in whatever it
used as setup.ini.  What's your directory layout?  I can't make any
sense of what's happening for you.  Your local mirror should look like:


and setup should be pointed at "mirror".

I've just went through a whole battery of testing setup in both local
mirror mode, both using my usual scripts and via a shortcut to add an
"-mX" option to the invocation.  Leaving out the "-X" has setup complain
about the missing signature as intended.  Everything else works
correctly for me.

For download-only mode, setup doesn't write the signature file to disk,
so that will have to be corrected.

Oh and another thing: I always compile my own setup.exe, so if you can
do that  to see if it makes a difference for you?

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