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Re: Error Installing Cygwin (setup-x86_64.exe & setup-x86) - No setup.ini.sig found.

On 10/17/2015 3:28 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
Ken Brown writes:
Could you check if the setup.ini.sig file is just not stored to disk and
that setup would commence installing if you downloaded it manually and
put alongside the setup.ini file?

Is there a new requirement that a local repository has to have a
signature file?  And does it have to be setup.ini.sig (rather than,
for example, setup.bz2.sig)?

You can always tell it to not check the signature (--no-verify / -X),
but if the directory you set it upon looks like a mirror and has a setup
file, then it will by default want to check the signature (belonging to
the actual suffix used: .xz, .bz2 and lastly .ini).

I maintain my own small repository at a remote site and mirror it on my local machine. It contains, for each architecture, setup.ini, setup.xz, and setup.xz.sig. Installation from the remote site works fine. If I try to install from my local mirror, setup complains that it can't find setup.ini.sig. I can install from the local mirror only if I add setup.ini.sig.


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