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Error Installing Cygwin (setup-x86_64.exe & setup-x86) - No setup.ini.sig found.

Hi all,

I downloaded the very latest setup-x86_64.exe and setup-x86.exe from yesterday (version 2.872). I started trying to install
the 64bit version of cygwin and selected "download only".  I chose a
mirror from the list, and the download concluded fine.  I then re-ran
the setup application and chose "install from local directory" and
selected the folder which held the downloaded files.  The setup
application then halts installation due to a missing setup.ini.sig.  I
downloaded the setup application again, and chose a different mirror
site and and had the setup application save to a different folder.
Again the installation failed due to setup.ini.sig.  I tried three
more different mirror sites with the same problem.  I then tried using
the 32bit setup application and again received the same missing
setup.ini.sig error.  I read that one can also try running the setup
application with the -X argument which setup the subfolders for the
cygwin directory but did not populate them with any of the packages.

I am running Windows 10 Professional (64bit) build 10565.

I did install an older version of Cygwin which I had downloaded back
in January 2015 without issue.  Indicating that there is an issue with
the latest cygwin setup application.

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