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Re: How to correctly rebase?

On Oct 15, 2015, at 7:16 AM, Dr Rainer Woitok <> wrote:
> /usr/share/texmf-dist/tex/plain/gustlib/licz/licz-tst.mex: skipped because not rebaseable

I think these are a harmless confusion of mex-the-Metafont-format with mex-the-Octave-plugin-format.  

You can ignore them.

It would be nice if rebase were smart enough to look for *.mex and *.oct only in known Octave directories, but it isnât my itch, so Iâm not going to be doing anything about it.

> The following DLLs couldn't be rebased due to errors:
>  /usr/bin/cygintl-8.dll
>  /usr/bin/cygiconv-2.dll

I got similar errors in my testing, though with different libraries.  I reinstalled those library packages and the errors went away.

The only complaints I still see are about a 32-bit libstdc++ for cross-compiling on this 64-bit system, which is harmless.

> QUESTION: I called "rebaselst" with  the "--cleardb" option which should
> cause it to pass "-b 0x70000000" to "rebase" (this is an "i386" system).
> Why then are we starting above at a base of 0x32b40000?

Because BLODA?  I donât see that youâve reported going through the BLODA list and ruling out all the possibilities there:

As for the 32-bit issue, that may be part of the problem.  64-bit greatly reduces the problems that rebase tries to cure, simply because itâs much harder to have a collision in such a large address space.

> PS: And since I'm still not  on this list because  I can't really handle
> the traffic, please also reply to me personally.  Thanks.

Your inability to filter 50 messages a day to a junk folder or use Gmane does not constitute a requirement that we send email directly to you.

Gmail even has a feature for this, sending mailing list traffic off to the Forums tab by default, so you donât even have to go see it if you donât want to.
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