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[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: gobby-0.4.13-1, gobby0.5-0.5.0-1

The following packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution:

* gobby-0.4.13-1
* gobby0.5-0.5.0-1
* sobby-0.4.7-1
* infinoted0.6-0.6.7-1
* infinoted0.6-devel-0.6.7-1
* libinfinity0.6_0-0.6.7-1
* libinfinity0.6-devel-0.6.7-1
* libinfgtk3_0.6_0-0.6.7-1
* libinfgtk3_0.6-devel-0.6.7-1
* libnet6_1.3_0-1.3.14-1
* libnet6-common-1.3.14-1
* libnet6-devel-1.3.14-1
* libobby0.4_1-0.4.8-1
* libobby-common-0.4.8-1
* libobby-devel-0.4.8-1

Gobby is a collaborative editor supporting multiple documents in one
session and a multi-user chat.

There are two incompatible protocols: the older obby protocol (gobby
client, sobby server) and the new infinote protocol (gobby0.5 client,
infinoted0.6 server).  Please note that the deprecated obby protocol
should be considered insecure as it does not do SSL certificate
verification.  Nonetheless, it is provided (much like telnet) for
compatibility with existing setups.


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