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How to correctly rebase?


Currently I'm a bit at my wit's end :-/

I locally built a product from source (Gdal), and while running the test
programs, I got

   python2.7 8800 child_info_fork::abort: unable to remap _gdalconst.dll
   to same address as parent (0x260000) - try running rebaseall

Searching a bit, I found


telling me to place the list of absolute paths  of my personal DLLs into
/var/lib/rebase/user.d/Rainer",  to run  "rebase-trigger fullrebase" (it
didn't advice to run this from a privileged account, but I found out my-
self), and finally to simply run "setup_x86.exe" in the normal way, that
is, without any other Cygwin processes executing.

After doing so, I rebooted and tested again, but this time I got

   python2.7 8136 child_info_fork::abort: address space needed by
   '_io.dll' (0x370000) is already occupied
   2324 [main] python2.7 9104 child_info_fork::abort: unable to remap
   time.dll to same address as parent (0x270000) - try running rebaseall

However, these two libraries are both residing in


and have nothing to do with my own Gdal libraries.  And running Mercuri-
al or almost any other  Python application now fails,  asking me to "try
running rebaseall".  I then tried to run

   rebaseall -v -T /var/lib/rebase/user.d/Rainer

directly from a privileged Ash Shell (again without any other Cygwin ac-
tivity) returning me a fine list of new bases and  sizes for all librar-
ies, but Python still refuses to work.

What did I do wrong  (to avoid it  in the future)  but more importantly,
how can I remedy the current situation?

Any quick help appreciated, since Python and Mercurial are vital for me.


PS: Please also reply by personal mail to me,  as I am not subscribed to
this mailing list.

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