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Re: loading VT100 Font in stand alone program

On 10/13/2015 10:16 AM, wrote:
Hi Everybody,

I have written a program "kuplot" that runs inside an X-window terminal through a script:

if( /bin/ps | /bin/grep XWin ); then
    export DISPLAY=':0';
    /bin/xterm -rightbar -sb -pob -title "kuplot secondary window"  -e /bin/kuplot;
    /bin/rm -f /tmp/.X*-lock
    /bin/xinit "/bin/xterm" -rightbar -sb -pob -title "kuplot primary window exit last"
-e /bin/kuplot -- "/usr/bin/XWin" :0 -multiwindow -logfile /dev/null;

If I start this script from within CYGWIN (both 64 and 32 bit) the VT menu appears at
the top of my Xterm, and I can change the font size.

If I start the program from the desktop  icon, I do get the VT100 menu, but an error
message of:

/bin/xterm: cannot load font

and a similar message if I try to change the font size.

The program was installed into a separate folder at C:\Program files (x86)
and within this I have folders
bin        ! quite a few of the /bin/*dll and /bin/*exe
etc/X11    ! exact recursive copy of /etc/X11 in cygwin including fonts/* (only gzipped

usr/share/terminfo ! exact recursive copy
/usr/share/X11     ! exact recursive copy

I seem to be missing the proper link to the VT100 fonts , where would I have to look for

You should have a directory /etc/X11/fontpath.d with some symlinks in it. Due to a bug in setup, however, this directory may not have been created. The bug was just fixed yesterday, so you should use the latest setup (2.872) and reinstall any xorg-x11-fonts-* packages that you have installed.


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