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Re: Updated: setup.exe (Release 2.872)

Fergus <fergus <at>> writes:
> I always install / update Cygwin from a x86/release/ directory located on my
> hard drive, and kept up to date.

So you use a local mirror?

> The new setup-x86.exe requires setup.ini.sig located in x86/ as well as
> setup.ini.
> Easy to manage, but is this additional requirement intentional?

Yes, if the directory you install from looks like a local mirror then
setup.ini should be found in the correct place and the signature should
check OK to ensure the file and everything you install later on, through the
SHA-512 checksums, hasn't been tampered with.  You can skip the signature
check with '-X / --no-verify', but unless you modify setup.ini I suggest to
just download the .sig file as well.  You might want to add '-m /
--mirror-mode' as well to ensure that setup doesn't switch into ad-hoc
install mode inadvertently.

If you want to use the ad-hoc install method w/o setup.ini (which requires
that setup searches the disk for package files, which is quite inefficient
for a full install), then rename the directory so it doesn't look like a
local mirror or start setup from a deeper level in the directory tree.


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