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Bad Address with /cygdrive paths

I've used cygwin for lots of years, and this is kind of weird to me.
My operations guys set up some Windows Server 2012 R2 servers with
Cygwin x86-64 2.2.1.

There's a CIFS mount (from an HNAS) that I use a lot that is giving me
problems.  For example:

$ ls /cygdrive/m/install
ls: cannot access /cygdrive/m/install: Bad address

$ ls m:/install

Works just great.

Using /cygdrive/m I can list the contents of the root of the drive,
but I can't read any files.  And any subdirectory just gives me the
"Bad address" error.   Everything (except completion) works just fine
with m:/ paths.

This isn't a huge deal.  I mostly use cygwin on these servers to
manage them with scripts, so I've changed my configuration variables
to <drive letter>: paths and everything seems to work.  But I did
spend nearly half a day figuring this out, so I'm curious if there's a
configuration problem or a known issue that my searches haven't
uncovered yet.

Barry Roberts

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