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Re: fstat st_size on open files on Parallels filesystem is wrong

Hi, following up on this issue from last year.  The message I'm replying to
is at <>.

The problem is weird behavior in Parallels Desktop-hosted Windows VMs, when
accessing the host's native Mac OS X filesystem.  See the thread for the

On Wednesday, April 23 2014, "Corinna Vinschen" wrote to "" saying:

> > At this point this is looking pretty clearly like a Parallels Tools bug.
> > I'll report it to them.
> Yes, that sounds good.  Given that, I'm wondering if we should try to
> workaround this problem at all or rather wait to see if the vendor will
> fix the issue.

No such luck, despite two major version revisions of Parallels Desktop (I'm
now on version 11.0.2) and moving to Windows 10 as the guest OS -- the bug
perists, unchanged.  So it looks like Cygwin will need to add a workaround
for this filesystem to fix the problem.

The output of /usr/lib/csih/getVolInfo seems to be unchanged from the output
I reported last year.

> Thanks.  This looks pretty much like a filesystem pretending to be
> FAT-like.  There may be another problem lurking, which is, are the inode
> numbers (called "FileId" or "IndexNumber" in Windows) persistant?  With
> FAT this is not the case, and given the above, it might be a problem...
> ...or not.  I just realize that Cygwin doesn't even try to use the
> FileId as inode number on filesystems with FILE_PERSISTENT_ACLS==FALSE
> so, never mind.
> OTOH, does it support hardlinks?  If so, two hardlinks to the
> same file would have different inode numbers on Cygwin.

How would I figure these points out?

Jonathan Lennox

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