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Re: Updated: gcc-5.2.0-1 (Test x86/x86_64)

On 06/10/15 17:26, Christian Franke wrote:
cyg Simple wrote:
On 9/30/2015 7:36 PM, David Stacey wrote:
On 30/09/15 23:34, JonY wrote:
On 10/1/2015 00:05, David Stacey wrote:
On 30/09/15 12:15, JonY wrote:
gcc-5.2.0-1 has been uploaded for 32bit and 64bit Cygwin.

This is the first series of the 5.x releases, and should be considered
as experimental as such.
Have you managed to work around the ABI change in gcc-5 [1], or will
this require a mass rebuild at the point gcc-5 becomes 'current'?

[1] -
As far as I know, every gcc release will break C++ ABI, so it would mean
rebuilding everything C++.
According to the Red Hat blog above, the last time g++ caused an ABI
change was back in the 3.x days, so it hasn't happened for a while. Ah
well, we have maintainers for most packages in Cygwin, so we'll have to
co-ordinate a rebuild.
Regardless, JonY is correct.  Every C++ release, regardless of the
vendor, causes an ABI break with shared libraries and the naming of the
object elements (mangled names).

Probably not in this 4.X -> 5.X case. Otherwise the new cygstdc++-6.dll should IMO be renamed to -6.1, -7 or similar.

Bumping the DLL number wouldn't necessarily fix the problem. You'd still run into conflicts if one executable loaded two DLLs, each linked against different versions of libstdc++.


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