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utf/codepage-conversion on cmd-window

I came across a surprising behaviour when a cygwin-process prints to a
windows-console. In cygwin 1.7 (XP) I don't think any conversion took 
place, while now in cygwin 2 (10) cygwin-utf-8 gets converted into the
suitable(?) windows-encoding used in the cmd-window.

I have a file containing german umlaut-characters encoded in utf-8 and

When I'm in the cmd-window:

C:\bat>type cmduml.txt
âÃâÃâÂâÃâÃâââÆ      -> some cp850-characters with 
high-bit set
ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃ              -> correct output

C:\bat>\cygwin\bin\cat cmduml.txt
ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃ               -> utf converted to cp850
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ                            -> ???

Aktive Codepage: 850.

It makes things easier the way it is now, but I could not find it 
documented. Also I wonder about cygwin's output of the 
cp-850-characters, I'd expect them to be printed unchanged, instead I 
only see grey rectangles.

In the cygwin-window the file is:

/c/bat|17:05:30#od -x cmduml.txt
0000000 96c3 84c3 9cc3 b6c3 a4c3 bcc3 9fc3 990a
0000020 9a8e 8494 e181 0a0d

I've also attached it.

I hope all is displayed correctly, but it should be easy to reproduce.


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