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Re: Regression with gnu screen: Scrollbar gone between 4.02 and 4.03

ht writes:

> Andrew Schulman writes:
>> But if this is a bug, I have no idea what caused it.  If it were changes in
>> termcap/terminfo entries in /etc/screenrc, someone would have to decode the
>> entries to figure it out - something I avoid.
> No changes in the termcap entry, except something commented out, but
> as I said, doesn't seem to be implicated.

And I've now acquired various of the upstream sources, and there has
been no change to the screenrc there for many years.

>> Otherwise someone will need to do some bisection to find the commit
>> that introduced it.

Remind me what repo to look in for screen?

>> Any help would be appreciated on that.  It would also be a good idea to
>> report it to
> I'll see if I can reproduce on Linux -- I don't immediately have
> access to a very up-to-date version of screen there. . .

No, I can't reproduce it.  None of upstream 4.1.0, 4.2.0, 4.2.1, 4.3.0 or
4.3.1 have the problem on Linux.

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