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Re: Regression with gnu screen: Scrollbar gone between 4.02 and 4.03

> To reproduce:
>   1) Update screen package to current (4.03) version;
>   2) Run screen inside mintty;
>   3) Generate enough text to fill the screen and start scrolling
>   4) Click in the scrollbar, or use the mousewheel
> Desired effect
>   Scrolling
> Observed effect
>   Nothing, wrt scrollbar; history review, wrt mousewheel
> Reverting to 4.02 fixes the problem.
> Expermentation suggests this does _not_ arise because of the small
> change in the default screenrc between 4.02 and 4.03, as just
> reverting that change does not solve the problem, and reverting to the
> 4.02 .exe _does_ solve the problem regardless of which screenrc is
> used.
> mintty version 2.1.5, Cygwin1.dll 2.2.1, 64-bit

Thanks for reporting.  Hm, I guess I never noticed this because I didn't
consider it a problem.  The observed behavior works for me.

But if this is a bug, I have no idea what caused it.  If it were changes in
termcap/terminfo entries in /etc/screenrc, someone would have to decode the
entries to figure it out - something I avoid.  Otherwise someone will need
to do some bisection to find the commit that introduced it.

Any help would be appreciated on that.  It would also be a good idea to
report it to


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