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konsole randomly freezes

Hi. I use Cygwin/X on my Windows 7 system. I installed konsole because I
wanted a terminal window with tabs, and I'm already familiar with konsole,
being a longtime KDE user. In particular, I like konsole's placement of
the tabs on the bottom of the window.

I launch konsole from the X Applications tooltray icon, System Tools,
konsole. Then I ssh -Y to server A, from there to server B, then finally
to server C (it's necessary because of the way the network is set up - I
can't go directly to C from my Windows 7 system).

It all works fine initially; however, after a while (the length of time
varies), the konsole window freezes. I can't type into it, I can't switch
tabs, the menus don't work, etc. I can't even get rid of it (but I can
minimize it). Programs previously launched from the konsole window, e.g.
gvim, still respond.

Any ideas? It's interesting to note that the Cygwin Terminal and xterm
don't have this problem.

I reran the setup utility recently (this week) so I should have the latest
stuff, or something very close to it.

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