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Re: After cygwin update, all files are created with +x flag

Dnia Sat, 3 Oct 2015 08:46:53 -0400, Ken Brown napisał(a):

> On 10/3/2015 6:07 AM, Michal Wysocki wrote:
> setfacl -b
> See .

Huh, this explanation is really well hidden in FAQ ;)

I've already figured it out, but setfacl -b wasn't a cure in my case.

Cygwin implementation is missing two important options:
-h (do not follow symbolic links)
-R (recursive)

Second one is not a biggie, but this tool simply can't modify cygwin
symlink files (and I have hundreds of them scattered throughout work

I've fixed my folders by doing a copy of them inside 1.7.29 shell. Old
cygwin automatically created appropriate permissions for every file,
ignoring messy inherited ACL entries that I had in my work folders.   

But there is another catch. Using new cygwin, you can't really create
folders that you intend to use in cygwin via windows explorer (which was
never a problem). They will get ACL entries (inherited from top level
folder C:\ for example) with +x rights, and cygwin will pass these
additional entries to any file created inside that folder.

Well, you get smarter every day ;)


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