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Re: Mintty Crash on Exit after SSH on Windows 10

I wasnt able to get any of the replies however I saw them on the mailing list.

First of all, yes the problems continue if I type "exit" into each windows.

Also happens if I just press the "X" on the window.

Enter, doesnt do anything on the window. I have to either wait about
60 seconds for the window to exit after claiming to not respond or I
have to use the task manager to kill it.

I am trying the others now and will let you know.

What I can tell you is that I just did a fresh install of cygwin
32bit. I install nano, vim, ssh, ping as well was the base package

The problem continues on that installation as well.

On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 2:10 AM, Bryan Tong <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and ever since I have I am getting a
> hang every time I try to exit a Mintty window after using SSH.
> What makes this issue more interesting is that I cant always reproduce
> it. It only happens after I have long standing SSH sessions.
> After I press "CTL + a + d" the final time when I am back at the
> cygwin login prompt. The window hangs and my cursor disappears when I
> try to mouse into the window (this includes the title bar, an exit
> buttons). At this point the only option is killing from the task
> manager or waiting about a minute until the window dies.
> I am thinking this has to do with unclosed sockets after I have done a
> bunch of googling on what might be causing this.
> There is one mailing thread pertaining to a similar issue but it
> doesnt match up  exactly.
> It definitely started directly after the upgrade to Windows 10. I did
> not upgrade cygwin until after I ran into this problem. However the
> issue still persists after the upgrade. I believe I am running the
> latest versions.
> I have attached my cygcheck to help.
> Best way to reproduce
> 1) Open mintty
> 2) ssh to a host
> 3) idle on this host for say 5 minutes
> 4) press "ctl + a + d" to disconnect from the host
> 5) press "ctl + a + d" to disconnect from the Mintty window
> I can almost always reproduce this after working on remote servers.
> However when I try to do it on command it happen every time.
> I want to point out that I am also using this SSH option.
> ServerAliveInterval 30
> I am starting to wonder if maybe that option is causing SSH to keep
> the window open as it tries to keep the server alive. It seems that
> the 30 second window is close to how long I am seeing these windows
> hang open.
> I am not even sure where to look for more debugging. I am more curious
> if anyone else is experiencing this?
> Please note that I upgraded my Desktops from Windows 7 -> Windows 10
> and they both see the problem. On the other hand my laptop I upgraded
> from Windows 8 -> Windows 10 and it continues to work normally.
> Any help would be appreciated I am stumped on this one.
> Thanks
> --
> eSited LLC
> (701) 390-9638

eSited LLC
(701) 390-9638

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