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Re: linux libertine mono in mintty ?

Am 27.09.2015 um 19:29 schrieb J.D. Laub:
In windows7 I've installed the Linux Libertine Mono O Mono font, and use
it for putty.  Wanting to use the same in cygwin, I've installed the latest
linux-libertine-fonts, xorg-server, & xfs, but I can't get latest mintty to
offer it as a font, from either the console or X.  (It does offer
Liberation Mono.)  Suggestions on things I can try besides the reboot I've
already done?
Mintty is not an X windows program. To make fonts available for mintty, you have to install them with Windows, not X11 (I'll add a note to the Tips wiki page). Even if you do that, Linux Libertine Mono is not listed in the mintty font menu. The reason for that is probably that the font file is missing an explicit flag to identify it as a monospace font. I suggest to file a bug with Linux Libertine about that.
You can still use it, though, with this invocation:
    mintty -o Font="Linux Libertine Mono"

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