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Re: Issues encountered with new Cygwin version

On 9/27/2015 5:54 AM, Andrey Repin wrote:

Greetings, Walter L.!

My question was merely based on Andrey's statement that "This is
configurable" (see above); I don't know what he meant and what "this" is,
Git or Cygwin.

"This" being "Git", and

If by saying "This is configurable" he meant running 'setfacl -b' on the
top-level directory, then I simply misunderstood his statement; I was
just misinterpreting "configurable" meaning setting "noacl" or something
like that to the file system or the environment.

The problem child here is Git that bindly assumes that there's no other
permissions than POSIX permissions, and no other executables than POSIX
Both statements aren't true for any given OS these days.

Since there are usually more than one way to do something, I was just
wondering if Andrey knew of another way to handle the permission issue by
the way of some configuration setting.

I didn't, but I'm reading the list patiently, picking knowledge where I
Thanks to Adam. This solution came up relatively recently.

Thanks for the clarification and the link, Andrey; it certainly gives me a
better picture of what's going on. Unfortunately, per my previous email,
configuring Git with "core.fileMode=false" won't help me because I still
want to enforce file permissions and not ignore it. Other developers
sometimes inadvertently set the wrong permission on some files and I want to
be able to revert them to the correct permission upon my next commit of the

Calling 'setfacl -b' on the parent folder containing the project suggested
by Ken may be the best course of action until Git changes its behavior.

Thanks again to both of you for the depth of information provided.


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