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Re: gawk: Bad File Descriptor error with concurrent readonly access to a network file

On 26/09/2015 12:00, Vermessung AVT - Wolfgang Rieger wrote:
On Fri, 25 Sep 2015 18:58:57 +0200, Marco Atzeri wrote:

Can you provide the type of network disk with
/usr/lib/csih/getVolInfo <volumename>
I am sorry, I have a very small installation of Cygwin running with no getVolInfo. In which package can I find that? We have MS Windows Server 2008 that provides network shares.

It is part of the tiny "csih" package

Again I want to stress: Running the jobs in single thread we never experienced any such problems at all. Only with several jobs running in parallel (the same batch job is started in several cmd-shell windows independently) we have these errors. The reason is obviously when by chance two processes try to access the same file at the same time which happens not often, but it happens. I assume access to local files is better synchronized by the CPU, whereas at the server there may arise these conflicts.

The major question is, what is the underlying access problem within Cygwin? As mentioned, the MS programs (e. g. copy) never show a similar problem.

I suspect you need to wait that Corinna is back.
She wrote most of the stuff and workaround in that area.

Thanks for your help,

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