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Re: base-files-4.2-3 : attention maintainer

Ken Brown writes:
> As long as you're updating base-files anyway, maybe you could
> implement one of the previously-discussed proposals for showing a
> prompt of "#" instead of "$" in shells with sufficient privileges.
> Unfortunately, I don't remember if there was ever a consensus reached
> on exactly how that should be done.

You'd need to check that group 544 is in your user token.  Some folks
say 114 too, but if you use cygdrop -l, this group will stay in your
token, while you are _not_ having local admin rights anymore.

But calling id on a domain member machine can, under unfavorable
circumstances, take more than a minute to complete.  The AD integration
for Cygwin has developed further since I last saw this problem so it's
possible it's been solved along with some other things.  However since
I've not had the time yet to try and re-create the setup that most
consistently showed the problem I don't want to put it into any standard
startup files.

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