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Advices on compiling a C, C++, python and fortran code...


I have found different emails related to compiling while linking
libraries in a Cygwin environment.

These mails are quite old (usually from year 2000 to 2003) and explain
how linking either libpthread.a or libdl.a with the program being
Manipulations indicated mention the need to create symbolic links to
link to either cygwin1.dll or libcygwin, or to use specific
compilation flags.

Please, could someone tell me if such manipulations are still required
to be able to compile Code_Aster in latest cygwin environment (I am
using 2.2.1)?

Most notably, this code is written Fortran90 + C + C++.
Its compilation is managed by a quite complex python script that has
been written to work on Linux workstations (Debian, Ubuntu...).

The python script checks before compilation that the following
libraries are found in the system:
- or libpthread.a
- or libdl.a
- or libutil.a
- or libm.a

I confirm that the python script correctly found in the cygwin lib
directory the following ones:

Please, do I have with current cygwin version to use specific flags or
to create specific symlink to make sure the code get correctly linked
against these libraries?
Also, once the executable will be obtained, and if I want to copy it
on another Windws machine without Cygwin environment, do I have to
make sure to copy as well cygwin1.dll library? If so, in which
directory can I put it?

I thank you in advance for your help.
Best regards,


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