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Re: cygwin potentially corrupting permissions?

Greg Freemyer wrote:

Totally logical, but not accurate. )
What does it say if you do an 'lsacl' on "." (the parent directory).
	This is a local file system?  NTFS?
Do you have process hacker?  Maybe the writing process has a different
integrity label or such.

Process hacker lets you see what the integrity labels are on files,
but to see what they are on files you'd have to d/l another util.

- cygwin is not properly maintaining the permissions when it manipulates a file
	May not be able to ... Windows trumps cygwin.
MS-regularly screws w/windows, .. it's like switching to a new
init system every month... ok.. maybe not quite that bad...

Either way, I would really like a solution that doesn't involve a
manual chmod for every file I create via the normal Windows interface
and which I want to work with it in cygwin.
	I can understand that -- that's sorta why I haven't upgraded
my cygwin lately -- She spent alot of time solving a problem that didn't
really appear on my system, so changing the whole security system -- well
I already know that cygwin doesn't respect existing standards or sources.
(overwrite windows mount points created -- and is shipping a login that
zeros your environment -- even when passed switch to not do so -- effectively
wipes your windows session -- forcing users to copy sessions from static
files to get around the problem.

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