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Re: cygwin potentially corrupting permissions?

On 9/24/2015 2:52 PM, Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 2:06 PM, Linda Walsh <> wrote:
Greg Freemyer wrote:


I saved your script as "lsacl.txt".  Then I used "cp lsacl.txt it" to
make a copy.

The copy is permission denied for reading.  Basic ls -l shows no
difference (as expected)

$ ls -l it
----rwx---+ 1 gaf None 1630 Sep 24 12:05 it
----rwx---+ 1 gaf None 1630 Sep 24 12:00

But your script does show a difference:

$ ./ it
Users:rwx,g:SYSTEM:rwx,g:Users:r-x,m:rwx,o:---/] it

         Well user 'gaf' (that's you, from the file perms has no access).

         So up front, you are denied before anything happens.

Totally logical, but not accurate. )

I am the owner of both "it" and ""

For both the user permissions are "---"  (why I don't know.  I created by a simple drag and drop out of firefox.)

I can cat out "", but not "it".

I know "chmod +rw it" gives me access to the file.  The problem is
Windows is creating files with permissions like routinely on
my system.

Then when I do anything to them in cygwin, the permissions are
modified to block my access.

I first noticed this because I was exporting CSV files from excel,
then editing them with vi from cygwin.

On the first edit, all was good.  After that, I no longer had
permission to access the file.

So, either:

- Windows 7 (on 2 different machines) has started using default
permissions that are bad on their face

- cygwin is not properly maintaining the permissions when it manipulates a file

Either way, I would really like a solution that doesn't involve a
manual chmod for every file I create via the normal Windows interface
and which I want to work with it in cygwin.

The problem could be caused by the default ACL on whatever directory you're working in. You might consider running 'setfacl -b' and/or 'setfacl -k' on that directory. (Run 'setfacl --help' for more information.)


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