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Re: Issues encountered with new Cygwin version

Walter L. wrote:
> > > > I believe the target of the symlink should be "protocol" (i.e.

How would that affect 'services'?

Sorry, you lost me. 'services' has 8 characters in the file name and so is
its symlink target; That shouldn't be an issue. Of the 4 symlinks under
/etc/ (i.e. networks, hosts, services, and protocols), only 'protocols'
exceeds the 8 character limit and hence the actual target file in
Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ is 'protocol'. NOTE: I'm talking about the
*target* file not the symlinks themselves, which are fine.

Oops.. my bad -- don't know why I substituted services. However,
weren't those files there for unix-subsystem support?  Not sure:

From this:
(page 39) -- it says those files were specific to NT systems beginning with
NT4.0, which used NTFS.  I don't know if NT supported having the windows/system32
directory on FAT][32]...  NT4 would have been the version before Windows 2000

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