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Re: ssh fails after joining domain

Hoot Thompson wrote:
I'm working on a group of Windows Server 2012 R2 systems. Prior to
joining the systems to our domain controller, I install the openssh
components after which I can ssh into the system using the Administrator
account and password. However, as soon as I join a server to our domain
controller, ssh no longer works for the exact same Administrator
account. Are local accounts (such as the aforementioned Administrator
account) blocked somehow after joining the domain? Is there someway I
can make the local account work again?
Where does cygwin come in?  Is it a server, or are you trying to login
using cygwin's ssh?

Assuming the latter is the case, as soon as you join a system to the domain, the default domain, I believe becomes <DOMAINAME> (not the previous
local hostname).  So you might try:
1) logging  in as 'DOMAIN\Administrator' (if you have that password),
or 2) logging in as '<workstationname>\Administrator'

Note the single quotes around the login name *should* be
used if you are logging in from a cygwin shell (like bash).

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