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Re: workflow idiom to compare zip/tgz with folder subtree

Greetings, Eliot Moss!

>>> Git, Subversion... basically any sane VCS out there.
>> Ah, yes....I've managed to avoid version control all these years
>> because I wanted the convenience of bash file management and changing
>> things on a whim as I see fit.  And for lack of time to learn yet
>> another system.  I see the lesson here.  The right tool for the right
>> job, and there's no getting around the learning curve and the
>> sacrifice in flexibility.  OK.  I have it on my radar.  I will have to
>> find time to try it out.  Thank you!

> There are also various backup tools based on rsync and compression.
> One of these is called duplicity, and it supports encryption as well.
> But I suspect there are a number of these and that you can find one
> that matches your task ...

It seems he need comparison over reservation.
I don't know of any backup tools that offer differential view against backup
content. Not that I know many backup tools, though...

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, September 23, 2015 12:13:01

Sorry for my terrible english...

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