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Re: Question about old win32 api

Michael Enright writes:
> I am interested to hear if anyone has managed a group of Cygwin users
> and the configuration they use, and how they went about it.

I do and the only sane way is to have a local mirror with exactly the
packages and versions that you are going to install and your own
setup.ini.  I integrate Cygwin upstream, Cygwin Ports plus literally
hundreds of locally built packages via some scripting.  In principle
it's possible to provide multiple versions (e.g. for staged rollouts) by
having separate setup.ini files, but there's no automation for keeping
the mirror in sync at the moment.  I also compile setup.exe myself
(although at the moment I have no patches on top of upstream).  There's
a wrapper script around setup that will install the correct variant of
Cygwin initially and keep it updated later.

> More out there, I'm interested in thoughts about making it possible to
> tell a group such as a customer base (a group of autonomous,
> free-will-possessing individual organizations) how to setup Cygwin so
> a non-Cygwin component can be added on top and work even though it
> might not still work with a regular default fresh Cygwin.

You could replace the Cygwin key in setup.exe with your own, remove the
ability to install without the signature check and sign your setup.ini;
that should take care of any inadvertent use of the "wrong" Cygwin.
I've not done that yet, but eventually will so the installations can not
be manipulated without some real effort, even inadvertently.  If the
users still get themselves into trouble, then it's their problem, not

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