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Re: Question about old win32 api

On 22/09/15 18:16, Michael Enright wrote:
New workers needed new Windows boxes with Cygwin
on them. What is the process for putting Cygwin on a new Windows box?
It isn't "rsync Cygwin from IT".

Cygwin's default (or only) distribution method has a role to play in
this. Does anyone ever setup Cygwin on a new Windows install other
than by downloading setup_x86.exe or setup_x86-64.exe and working from
there? Is any such alternative given equal priority on ?

I am interested to hear if anyone has managed a group of Cygwin users
and the configuration they use, and how they went about it.

We're drifting off topic, but never mind...

It sounds like you're deploying Cygwin in a corporate environment. Most corporate development environments require a degree of stability, and most Open Source programmes update faster than your average corporate software department can cope with. So *you* have to take responsibility for managing your own development environment.

In terms of Cygwin, that means downloading Cygwin setup and the packages you need, then testing, updating and patching until you have a Cygwin installation that meets your needs. How you deploy that to your engineers depends on your infrastructure:

  - Update a master VM image that your developers use;
  - Remote deploy the new Cygwin installation at the appropriate PCs;
- Upload the Cygwin packages to a local web server and point Cygwin Setup at that (on each PC); - Store the Cygwin packages in whatever binary repository your company uses;
  - Get low-tech: Burn a DVD and pass it round the office(!)

Use this installation and keep your development environment stable until such a time when you're ready to update. Then repeat the process. Oh, and remember to archive your old development environment in some way, as sooner of later you're going to need to maintain an old build and you'll want to go back to how things were a couple of years ago.

Every company is going to have a different balance between stability and frequency of updates, and it would be impossible for Cygwin to come up with a model that works for everyone.

Hope this helps,


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