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Re: Question about old win32 api

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 9:16 PM, Vince Rice  wrote:
> The blindness was, as Iâve already pointed out, caused by blindly
> updating software

No one was "updating"! I have diagnosed what I did "wrong" before and
I am satisfied with my conclusion. I don't yet know of a way to keep
changes from affecting me, but I know some things I can do to be
prepared for the changes that might happen, so I'm doing those things.

No one was updating. New workers needed new Windows boxes with Cygwin
on them. What is the process for putting Cygwin on a new Windows box?
It isn't "rsync Cygwin from IT".

Cygwin's default (or only) distribution method has a role to play in
this. Does anyone ever setup Cygwin on a new Windows install other
than by downloading setup_x86.exe or setup_x86-64.exe and working from
there? Is any such alternative given equal priority on ?

I am interested to hear if anyone has managed a group of Cygwin users
and the configuration they use, and how they went about it.

More out there, I'm interested in thoughts about making it possible to
tell a group such as a customer base (a group of autonomous,
free-will-possessing individual organizations) how to setup Cygwin so
a non-Cygwin component can be added on top and work even though it
might not still work with a regular default fresh Cygwin.

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