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Re: Https proxy auth issue with git in cygwin 2.2.1

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 08:54:39AM +0200, Lukasz Pielak wrote:
> In the latest Cygwin 2.2.1. git doesnât work with proxy authentication.

What do you mean by proxy authentication here?  What do you have
configured, and how?

> The git version is 2.5.1 and the curl version is 7.43.
> The error prints fatal: unable to access
> '': Unknown SSL protocol error
> in connection to

WJFFM with those versions, but then I'm not using any sort of web proxy.

> In my previous Cygwin 1.7.35 (with curl 7.41) this problem didnât
> exist. Git for windows (git 2.5.1 version, but curl is 7.44) seems to
> work too.

Are you able to test any other combinations of these?  I don't think the
results for Git for Windows are going to be particularly informative --
there are too many variables between that build and Cygwin's -- but
knowing whether it's the bump from Cygwin v1.7.35 to v2.2.1, or from
Curl v7.41 to v7.43, would be potentially useful.

> I assume that  there is a bug in curl rather than in git.

As an interim solution, does using ssh instead of https work?

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