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Re: Mintty Hang on Exit after SSH on Windows 10

Am 17.09.2015 um 12:14 schrieb Marco Atzeri:
On 17/09/2015 10:10, Bryan Tong wrote:

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and ever since I have I am getting a
hang every time I try to exit a Mintty window after using SSH.
First: a hang is not a crash.

What makes this issue more interesting is that I cant always reproduce
it. It only happens after I have long standing SSH sessions.

Best way to reproduce

1) Open mintty
2) ssh to a host
3) idle on this host for say 5 minutes
4) press "ctl + a + d" to disconnect from the host
5) press "ctl + a + d" to disconnect from the Mintty window

what happens if you type "exit" instead of "ctl + a + d" ?
What is ctl+a+d anyway? Both ctrl+a and ctrl+d in sequence?

I can almost always reproduce this after working on remote servers.
However when I try to do it on command it happen every time.
You may have configured hold mode "error" (e.g. Hold=error in $HOME/.minttry).
Does the terminal close when you type Enter in it?
Otherwise, and in any case, please test also with Cygwin console or/and xterm. Many problems in interactive response reported with mintty turn out to actually have some other context.

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