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Re: Requesting ISL update

On 9/16/2015 01:09, Michael Enright wrote:
> I was setting up a cross compiler this past Sunday under Cygwin, using
> GCC 5.1.0. I followed the "BYOI" (Bring your own Infrastructure) path
> and ISL 0.15 was my first choice (being the latest), but did not work.
> ISL 0.12.2 did work. ISL 15 passes the initial "compatible version of
> ISL" check that the GCC configure script does, but the granite code
> within GCC doesn't actually compile properly. When I recompiled
> without the --with-isl setting in configure, no ISL library was found,
> according to the "compatible version of ISL" message again, and the
> compiler was a success anyway. I built an OS with it, threw it away
> and started over using ISL 0.12.2. Everything worked, and the
> resulting OS build (Embedded Xinu for RPi) ran properly.

GCC prereq downloads 0.14, so that version it is.

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