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Re: Cygwin terminal weirdness

Greetings, Thomas Wolff!

>>>> Call "man" on a sufficiently long topic. man bash would be quite sufficient.
>>>> Or just `less` a long enough text.
>>>> Hold down "End" key.
>>>> The screen buffer will jump and tear repeatedly, until you release the key.
>> ... as I can't reproduce it with PuTTY in the same situation.
> With putty, try the Home key instead. If you hold that, the result will 
> look even worse. Or try to hold the Down key at the end (of man bash) â 
> not good either.

Okay, it seems to really depends on the length of the scrollback buffer under
the hood.
Wasn't able to reproduce it with Home as you suggested, but observed it with
(again) End, when I tried to `less /var/log/syslog`. Which is, quite
unsurprisingly, quite long.
Though, the effect is minimal, it is still present.
Which confirms that it is, seemingly, less's, and not Cygwin's, fault.

> Slightly different effects in different environments are simply the 
> result of timing. You cannot completely avoid such effects if the window 
> contents is rewritten repeatedly.

The timing differences can be attributed to environment. I've been comparing
some string function implementations recently, and Windows seems to be real,
real slow. Like, 10 times slower than Linux, which I can't really explain with
hardware difference. (Win/i5 vs. Linux/G1620)

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 12:42:23

Sorry for my terrible english...

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