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Re: NOACL leads to a massive speed slowdown in file system processes


I would really appreciate, if you teach your mail agent to insert proper
threading headers.
Thank you in advance.

>> This is not the default exactly because of its nature.
>> It is unusable. You will not be able to run scripts from such mount point.

> No problem for me, I have my scripts in my cygwin home/bin. Why put them
> outside? That's their environment.

Because my $HOME on noacl mount. In fact it is matching my %USERPROFILE%.

>> However, I don't quite understand the nature of the issue here. Why not assume
>> all files "executable", and only check the magic word, when we actually trying
>> to execute them?

> True.
> Or all normal files like exe, com, bat, sh as executable, and the other
> ones manually with chmod. That information could be saved in a sqlite DB. Just an idea ;)

I would say, "just trust ACLs".
The cases of filesystem not supporting any ACL whatsoever being used with
Cygwin are very rare nowadays.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, September 14, 2015 21:40:03

Sorry for my terrible english...

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