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Re: mintty hangs after exit

Sorry for some delay in responding to this again:

Am 22.08.2015 um 19:03 schrieb Andrey Repin:
Greetings, Thomas Wolff!

Am 22.08.2015 um 06:31 schrieb Sam Edge:
On 22/08/2015 05:05, John Hein wrote:
Andrey Repin wrote at 02:05 +0300 on Aug 22, 2015:
   > Just noticed a weird thing. Wonder if anyone can confirm or deny the issue.
   > 1. Start mintty as `mintty.exe -` (i.e. login shell)
   > 2. Execute a command. S.a. "ssh anywhere"
   > 3. Exit all running apps. I.e. ^D out of all shells.
   > 4. mintty remains running.
   > There's no more child processes of it, nothing. It's just stuck around.

And yes, it seems to only happen with OpenSSH.
And pressing Enter in a stalled mintty window forces it to close.
I can reproduce this with the mintty option -h error or -o Hold=error
which I guess you have configured in .minttyrc.
Mintty does not terminate then if its child (usually the shell)
terminates with an error exit condition; in recent versions, it will
show a red notice about this.
You can easily try it by typing ^C in bash, then ^D, and mintty (with
hold error) will stay.
If you run ssh, and an error occurs in ssh (e.g. type ^C there as its
last action), that is apparently propagated back to the local shell.

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