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Re: Repositories for Cygwin packages.

On 2015-09-10 17:03, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 10/09/2015 22:40, David A Cobb wrote:
I see the Git Repo for "the core Cygwin libraries and utilities (Cygwin
and Newlib)" @

I am looking at possible work within *COREUTILS*.  Obviously, there are
significant deltas /versus/ GNU Upstream.
Can you point me to the active repo for coreutils?

Yeah, Marco.  Thanks.
Actually, the repo is <git://>.

Are you saying that is your direct upstream and your sources only differ by the patchfiles installed by Cygwin-Setup??

Just to save net traffic, I'll dare post a second related question in
the same message:
Is *NEWLIB* intended to be a "drop-in" replacement for *GNULIB*?


Newlib target is to provide a system libc.

Gnulib target is to provide a modular library implementation for software that aim on multi-platform builds.

I should have phrased the question differently, I guess. My question is related to dependencies of the 'coreutils.' Cloning GNU Coreutils comes in with sub-module 'gnulib'.

Suppose I wanted to propose a patch to Coreutils, but being stuck on a Windows platform I use Coreutils only through Cygwin64 and MSYS2. And, suppose for the moment, some of the changes are only relevant to the Windows platform. I don't (yet) know how much GNU (i.e. RMS) really gives a flying bird about making Windows play nice. So, to whom do I propose the changes? I really, really don't want to create a private fork. If I didn't think my ideas are worthy of pushing up the food chain, I should just go back to bed.

BTW, and totally irrelevant to the discussion, I'm not really a newbie here. But for several years I had a working Ubuntu installation, so I didn't keep up with the list. And now, I'm back on a borrowed Windows machine. I just want to do some useful stuff on it.

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