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Re: No o+r permission for /usr/sbin/ssh-keysign.exe

On 07/09/2015 16:43, Jan Bruun Andersen wrote:
After an unfortunate mishap with an encryption key, I have started to
rebuild my harddisk. And making sure I have a good backup :(

I noticed a problem with the file permissions for  /usr/sbin/ssh-keysign.exe:

$ getfacl.exe /usr/sbin/ssh-keysign.exe
# file: /usr/sbin/ssh-keysign.exe
# owner: andersej
# group: Domain Users

For some reason, the Windows-based backup program (Seagate Manager)
wants the Windows group "Everyone" to have read access. Otherwise it
will report:

ERROR  >>>      C:\cygwin64\usr\sbin\ssh-keysign.exe
                       Access denied

This looks a mistake of the backup program.
What Security is in place if Everyone has read access ?

Is there some special reason for denying everyone read permission
(o+r) to this file?

PS: I have the same problem with /etc/rebase.db.x86_64 which only have
660 permissions.


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