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On Sep  4 20:51, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > I have no idea what that is.  There's no change at all between 2.2.1
> > and this 2.3.0 test release in terms of account handling.  Not at all.
> âbut switching back to v2.2.1 cleared that up.  I can't look at it in
> any detail right now or during the next two weeks.  I've only tested it
> on 32bit in case that makes a difference (however unlikely).

Not in my case, no.  I specificially installed 2.3.0-0.2 on both,
32 and 64 bit, and in both cases the output from `id' looks
perfectly normal:

$ $ id
uid=1049577(corinna) gid=1049701(vinschen) groups=1049701(vinschen),559(Performance Log Users),545(Users),14(REMOTE INTERACTIVE LOGON),4(INTERACTIVE),11(Authenticated Users),15(This Organization),66048(LOCAL),1049089(Domain Users),70145(Authentication authority asserted identity),1049148(Denied RODC Password Replication Group),401408(Medium Mandatory Level)

I also looked through the changes between 2.2.1 and 2.3.0-0.2 (in the
cygwin-acl branch since I didn't merge the POSIX ACL changes back into
master yet) and there's no change touching user and group SID<->uid/gid
mapping.  It's a complete mystery to me how anything in 2.3.0-0.2 might
be the culprit of what you observe.

Any chance you can bisect the cygwin-acl branch between commit
a669484b81f1b1b26fbc74c74fba0f2c05b77f5d and commit


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