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Re: Running Cygwin's "setup.exe" on a new computer

> having installed Cygwin on my old computer  it's now time to move to new
> hardware.   Are there any  Cygwin configuration  or status files I could
> copy from the old box  to the new one  which would cause  "setup.exe" on
> the new machine to automatically install the same packages as on the old
> computer (except for version changes or new dependencies)?

You can drop /etc/setup/installed.db into the new installation directory and
make them all "outdated":

sed -i.bak -re 's/^(.+) .+ 0$/\1 \ 0/' /etc/setup/installed.db

Running setup on this will then "update" all these packages.  It will
complain about the missing package lst.gz files of course, but you can
ignore that.

> One minor additional problem perhaps:  the old box is 32 bit,  while the
> new one is 64 bit.

There's only a handful of packages left where that makes a difference.

> PS:  Please also reply  by personal mail  as I am not  subscribed to the
> Cygwin mailing list.

No can do via Gmane and the list is set up specificaly to prevent this
anyway.  In general, if you do indeed care about the answers you can always
check Gmane or the mailing list archives.


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